AFFEKT Script Consultancy

AFFEKT offers script assessment and script development services for writers and other professionals in the industry.

You’re a writer

Do you need a quick assessment or more substantial development support? Do you need objective feedback on a character or plot or any other specific aspect of the story? Perhaps this is your first script and you’re not sure how to go about writing it?

Perhaps you just need someone you can discuss the story with, someone who knows the story as well as you do while you remain in charge of all creative decisions? Someone who will point out the strengths and recognise the flaws before you let anyone else – a producer or an agent – read it?

AFFEKT offers in-depth analysis that will help the writer take the project to the next stage.

You’re not a writer

You are not a writer but you are someone who needs to understand a script. Perhaps you are an industry professional who wants to understand scripts better but doesn’t know where to start? Perhaps you read them regularly but never have enough time to gain a full, satisfying understanding of one?

You’ve received a script and you need someone to discuss it with, someone who is an outsider and can offer a sober objective view on it. Or the script just seems hopelessly messy and you need another brain to help you untangle it.

You might be a producer, a director, a cinematographer, or even a set designer. You  might be an actor who likes to do their homework before meeting the production team or appearing on the set.

AFFEKT can be a sounding board or a guide.

How thorough?

Script coverage is a quick overview of who, where, what, how. It gives you a summary of the story, points out major characters, events and themes, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the script. This is ideal for producers and other industry professionals.

Script development is an in-depth dissection of the script, usually in writing, analysing it from all possible angles: characters, themes, point of view, story, plot, conflict, logic, scene structure, offering solutions to various problems in the script and ideas for improving the story (without doing the writing for you). This is useful for writers in any stage of development of the script. Or for when you’re totally stuck.

Workshops can be held over Skype or, ideally, in person. A one-day workshop is ideal for writers and teams (writer and/or director and/or producer) who need feedback and development notes that can be discussed further on the spot.

Private seminars can be held over Skype or in person. Seminars are available for any industry professional who works with scripts and needs to develop a good understanding of one in a short space of time, or who needs an objective outsider with whom to have an in-depth discussion about the script. Script coverage in writing will analyse the script for you whereas a seminar is a discussion where your own opinions and goals will be considered.

What else?

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