London Screenwriters’ Festival 2012

London Screenwriters’ Festival is an annual three-day event for professional screenwriters. This year it will take place in London at Regent’s College on October 26-27. During the intense three days there will be lectures, seminars, workshops, competitions, networking opportunities, you get to pitch your script to producers and have a informal chat with industry figures backstage. Previous speakers have included David Reynolds (Finding Nemo), Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz); Linda Aronson, Robert McKee and Chris Vogler, numerous screenwriters and industry professionals.

Headliners this year include director Mike Leigh, writer-producer Lisa Albert (Mad Men), producer Paul Webster (Atonement), screenwriter Simon Beaufoy (Slumdog Millionaire), screenwriter and teacher Julie Gray, script consultant and author Dara Marks, script editor Kate Leys; also a whole list of screenwriters as well as directors, producers, teachers, script editors, commissioning editors, agents, etc. There will be sessions on legal matters, writing advice such as dramatic tension, working with characters; you’ll find out about script readers, whether to write comics, there will be script chats, workshop with actors, and many more sessions.

To find out more and buy a ticket, go to the London Screenwriters’ Festival website.

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